Customized Portfolios

  • Goal: Customize investment strategy and allocation based on client’s risk tolerance, investment horizon, and other individual needs
  • Management Fee: 0.50% – 1.00%
  • Performance Fee: None
  • Lock-up Period: None
  • Minimum initial investment: None

Many of our clients have different incomes, net worth, ages, risk tolerance levels, and investment goals. To satisfy these unique needs, we offer customized portfolios based on an individual’s risk tolerance and investment horizon.


1. Developing an Investment Plan
The process begins with learning about the client and his or her investment goals and risk tolerance. We then develop a suitable investment plan and present it to the client. We try to be as clear as possible about what to expect from the investment plan and we are always available to answer questions in the future.

2. Implementing the Investment Plan
Once the investment plan is agreed on, we begin to immediately execute the strategy. Clients receive monthly reports and have 24/7 access to their accounts to track progress online.​

3. Maintaining or Adjusting an Investment Plan
Over time, risk tolerance levels and investment goals might change, so communication is key to maintaining a suitable investment plan

Consider the following scenarios:

  • A 20-30-year old couple making less than $100,000 a year combined and just started saving.
    Investment Goals: Aggressive Growth Investments
  • A 40-50-year old couple with children making $150,000 a year combined.
    Investment Goals: Retirement Savings, Education Savings, Growth Investments
  • A 50-60-year old couple with $2 million in savings and plans to retire in five years.
    Investment Goals: Diversified Growth with lower volatility
  • A 70-80-year old retired couple with $5 million of savings.
    Investment Goals: Income for living expenses without depleting the principal

Individuals’ unique circumstances based on diverse ages, incomes, savings, risk tolerance levels, and investment goals continue to evolve throughout their lifetime. We offer investment planning services to help guide individuals throughout the cycles of life.

High Net Worth Accounts

We offer additional portfolio services for high net worth families and institutional accounts over $5 million which seek diversification outside of traditional asset classes. Our services include investment product evaluation, optimal asset allocation, research and recommendations on current or prospective holdings, and manager evaluation.

Investment Product Evaluation: Investment firms and managers often have a variety of investment strategies and products. The products often perform differently and have different fee structures, even within the same asset class. ​

Asset Allocation: We help clients estimate the volatility, correlation, and potential return of investments. These measures provide valuable insights and are the foundation of Modern Portfolio Theory.

Manager Evaluation: As investment managers, we are skilled at separating the managers with great sales pitches from those who perform. We analyze historical performance not just by looking at the results, but also at how the results were earned and if they are repeatable.

Major Asset Classes

Income: Bonds, Preferred Stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Business Development Companies (BDCs)

Public Equity: Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap, Developed International, Emerging Markets, Spin-Off ETFs

Private Equity: Leveraged Buyouts, Privately-Held Businesses

Real Estate: Office Buildings, Hotels, Apartments, Industrial, Storage, Senior Care Facilities, Shopping Centers and Malls, Data Centers, Infrastructure

Hedge Funds: Absolute Return Funds, Long/Short Equity, Merger Arbitrage, Macro, Event-Driven, Activist, Distressed Debt

Venture Capital: Early Stage, Late Stage

Commodities:Gold, Other Metals

Traditional Asset Allocation

Traditional & Alternative Allocation

Saga Partners is an independent firm and is not affiliated with a broker-dealer. We do not maintain custody of our clients’ separately managed account assets. TD Ameritrade provides brokerage services related to Saga Partners clients.

Client service is a key focus for our firm. Monthly account statements are provided by TD Ameritrade. On a quarterly a basis, we distribute an investment review which provides commentary from the portfolio managers regarding the strategy’s performance and outlook. Our team is always available to answer questions, address concerns, coordinate meetings and provide account updates.